My fantasy baseball team is named Moose Knuckles. Yes, I named it before I knew what that was a term for. No, I have never considered changing it because it makes me giggle. And I’ve never had a historical account of my Knucklesland Reports that I write weekly for my fantasy baseball league. So those will go here. Most of you will have no interest in them at all. But that’s okay.

2018 Knucklesland Reports

Knucklesland Report Week 2: Mr. Marte

Knucklesland Report Week One: Holy Ohtani

Knucklesland Report Week 0.5: The Happer


I write about other things, too…

Some people may say I really like sports and have opinions about certain things. Like the Cubs. And LeBron James being the GOAT. And watching figure skating while listening to EDM.

Did I mention the Cubs ?


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