I have a tendency to say and do things that make for, um, interesting outcomes and stories worth telling at dinner parties.

50 Shades of Something

Glory Be to Bologna! (Heloise 1.0)

So a Therapist Goes to the Dentist…

I have three dogs. All of them have Stockholm Syndrome.

Especially Slider. He’s something.

And Lefty is here, too.

Mom Stories

I write about my mom in a lovingly way. She does a lot of things. Like take me for college visits when I’m 36 years old. And discovers electronic books.

MomBlog: Organizophile Edition

MomBlog: The Chicken Sandwich Conundrum

Shirley Mantra #29304

We call ourselves The Sharbys

My wife and I do a lot of silly things. The best is probably our inability to avoid tornadoes. Or when we imagine opening a real estate business.

The Lesbian Has Four Senses

My Embarrassing Piano Journal

The Princess and the (Intricate System of Sleeping) Pea

And then sometimes you try to teach your wife to play piano…

The Sharbys’ Greatest Hits


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