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Games with Carrie

Carrie is a very excitable game player.  Particularly Catch Phrase.  She is unafraid of yelling out things in a way that makes you feel like they MUST be the answer but, upon reflection, realize that it’s simply the funniest combination of words ever said in succession. 

Carrie the Gameplayer

The game CatchPhrase is one of my favorites.  You sit in a circle and pass this little clue-giver machine. Next, you have to describe to your team whatever the word is that appears. Immediately, after they guess the correct answer, you get to hand it (or toss frisbee-like) to the next person.  It’s awesome.

If you are dating/married to one of your teammates, this is generally considered a good thing, an advantage even.

Unless you’re married to Carrie.

Carrie “I-Have-The-Attention-Span-Of-A-What-Was-The-Question-Again” Sharby sometimes forgets we’re playing a game. For instance, today at lunch, we “practiced” just for fun.  The word was “Buttermilk.”

I’m a big fan of breaking down the words to get my team to say both ends instead of coming up with a clue for something more complex. For example, if the phrase was “light socket,” then I would get my teammates to say each half with brilliant clues like “You turn this on so the room gets brighter” and “This is often said with the word wrench.” While I did not describe an actual light socket, who cares? They said it.

The Buttermilk Story

Firstly, I said, “You put this on toast.”

“Butter!” she exclaimed enthusiastically even though it was only the two of us.

Secondly – and I was excited since the first part went so well – I said, “Okay, and we buy this in gallons.”

However, my excitement was premature. “Jugs!” she exclaimed again.

“What?!?!?” I said.  “We buy THIS in gallons.”

“Oh!  Oh!” she says.  “Milk!”

After that, I felt like we were back on track.

“Okay,” I reply.  “Put those two together.”

“What two?”

“The one you said before,” I said as the beeper got faster and louder.

“Jugs?” she confusedly asked.

So I tried to take a kind approach. “No, honey, the other one.  The toast one.”

“OH!  Butter!” Then stopped, excited to have gotten it.

“Butter and….” I said, trying to lead her to the end.

As a result of that nudge, I watched her brain wheels turn. “Butter…….. Churn!” she exclaimed.

I just stared at her as the buzzer sounded.  “What was the other word?” I asked her.


The “Breadwinner” Game

Firstly, I said, “You put this in a toaster.”

“Toast,” she said confidently.

Back to leading her through it we went. “Or before it becomes toast it is….”

“Bread,” she responded.

Next, I said, “Okay, and if you come in first in a race you are the…”

“Number one!” she exclaimed.

“No,” I said. “You are THE…”

As a result of my excellent emphasis on trying to get her to identify one simple noun, she nodded.

Then she yelled. “OOOOOOOO!” As she thrusted one finger in the air, the volume escalated.  “Number one toast!”

The buzzer sounded. I suggested maybe we play cribbage instead.

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