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Knuckles Report: Week 6

Our league is pretty old school. We don’t change too many things and most of us probably enjoy baseball as baseball is. I don’t see us as a whole begging for a home run derby to end extra innings or the need for an inning to start with a runner on second to shorten games that, more than 95% of the time, ended by the 12th inning. We believe in the typical 5×5 categories and probably the rest of Crash Davis’s speech in “Bull Durham.”

But I think that maybe we could examine our DL situation. Specifically, examining our DL spots. Specifically that there are not enough of them.

So far this year, players originally on major league rosters have spent over 6300 days on the IL and teams have spent over $112 million on players not playing. We are on pace to shatter the numbers from 2019 so the perception that “Man, a lot of players are hurt” isn’t wrong.

I’m not suggesting we go nuts and give everyone ten DL slots, but I play in a league that has 5 and that seems to allow for teams to hold onto core players (including those who are unable to be dropped). While injuries are a part of every situation and we’re all managing the best we can, it is slightly more enjoyable to hold onto players you drafted than watching them sit on waivers and hoping you can grab them again in the ten seconds before they are activated.

This seems to happen on Monday mornings which is as far away from a pick-up day as possible, of course. I’d rather increase the number of DL spots than increase pick-up days for those of you with lives that don’t revolve around imaginary teams. Just something to consider for next year.


Since he came up to the majors, I have said that Aaron Judge has the most effortless home run swing (for a right-handed batter) I’ve ever seen. Most of them look like they could be pop ups before they sail 500 feet. While so many home run hitters swing almost violently, Judge somehow doesn’t. (Now I’m thinking about Gary Sheffield who, to this day, remains the most “violent” swinger I’ve ever seen and I can’t even fathom being a third baseman when he was at the plate.)

Pitcher of the week is Freddy Peralta. Peralta being our fantasy league’s pitcher of the week is probably the best thing that has happened to Milwaukee all season (aside from Corbin Burnes’s refusal to throw outside the zone). Too bad neither of them can hit. But, given their position player lineup, maybe the Brewers would be better off if they had them try.

Have a great week, everyone!

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