Field Reports

Field Report: Day 21

Sergeant K

Worried that Monday might be slow. Or dull. Should have known better.

Spent about two to three hours discussing what to write on customs form for “metaphysical healing tools” shipping to Hong Kong. Surprised FedEx didn’t already have that listed. Ruled out “acids” and “hydrocarbons” though considered it might be good chemistry humor to list both.

Remembered I don’t know enough about chemistry to use humor.

Eventually settled on quartz followed by Private Ryan being on the phone with FedEx for another hour to properly fill out an entirely different form since someone had paid multiple thousands of dollars for said quartz.

Dante definitely forgot to include “International shipments with high value” on his circles.

Jimmy Johns brought me a free cookie. Assume it’s because I write them little notes on the form each time I order. Most of these are about scootering. Sometimes they are bread puns. Try it sometime. Spice of life.

Customer wants to play practical joke on sister without committing mail fraud. Always happy to participate in these things. Asked what we were shipping. “Oh, it’s a silk monkey that has been passed around in our family for 50 years,” she replied.

Probably shouldn’t have asked. So obvious what it was going to be.

Private Ryan has serious elbow injury. Forced him to take ibuprofen and offered to tape things for him. Suggested he use the metaphysical healing kit before shipping it off.

Changed the Huckleberry Row Jackrabbits color scheme and logo. Ordered a Hillsboro Hops hat with “H” logo on it. The shorthand of this story is “Purchased hat to rep her entirely pretend simulated fantasy team” which, I assume, is the new front-runner for my epitaph.

Yes, I miss sports. Why do you ask?

Colonel C

Made homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner. Added more cheese to the macaroni and cheese. Snacked on cheese puffs.

It is everything I have not to go buy her a cheesecake right now. Impulse control apparently intact.

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