Field Reports

Field Report: Day 5

March 23, 2020

Sergeant K

Wisconsin is closed starting tomorrow. Being on the border, this was big news for our customers.

Began wearing black nitrile gloves. Tattoo artist stopped in. Joked that I was basically a tattooist now; all I need is any artistic talent and interest in using needles on people.

Slight decrease in patron panic today. Majority thanked us for the service we provide. Assume the black gloves gave sense of security.

Had someone tell us that a county road was shut down entirely. I asked why. “Because of the virus,” they replied.

“Did a truck carrying the virus tip over or something?” I asked.

Customer brought in multiple horse and wagon toys to ship. Each was 1-inch too long for the best box option. Tried to figure equivalent choice. Failed. Laughed that we are considered essential to ship things like this:

Twenty minutes later, we shipped an overnight package to a pathology lab by a very official looking character. Back to essential.

Prepared our “papers” we may need to travel to and from work should Minnesota follow Wisconsin in its shutdown. Will start bringing passport in case Pac-N-Mail is deemed its own country. Hope Private Ryan will let me help design flag in this regard.

Received three new baseball books. On a Schubert kick on piano. Continuing correspondence. Future still bleak; present not so bad.

Colonel C

Went to grocery store. Now have a canned food section at base. Alcohol rations increased. Basically have a garage bar set up. Then realized did not buy more taco seasoning. Will not survive without taco seasoning. Please send help.

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