Field Reports

Weekend Leave: 1

March 22, 2020

Sergeant K

Drafted my pretend teams for baseball season. One site said “May 7” was a start date for MLB. Had hope for a bit. Felt nice.

Spent too much pretend money on a few players. Did not work the same as retail therapy in the real world. Lots of baseball books arrive tomorrow. Hope it will suffice.

Finished correspondence to one comrade. Began one to another.

Picked up dog poop. So much poop. Thought about hiring a civilian for the job. Used a trowel instead of latex glove on hand. Healthcare workers > my backyard.

Was momentarily grateful dogs don’t require toilet paper after pooping or the irrational crazy would be even worse. Feel like knowing where to find necessities is the new Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Found online remote sharing gaming system for silly group games. Spent 3 hours setting it up. Was then too tired to play.

Sleep remains elusive. Tomorrow, back to the field.

Colonel C

Put bow ties on the dogs today. Made sphere ice cubes. Began working to perfect her own version of a brandy old fashioned. Was super excited about the sphere ice cubes. Cannot impress this on you enough. Spheres.

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