How to Discuss Marriage Finances Responsibly

So my wife and I separated for awhile last year. As part of this, we separated finances. After we reconciled, we found that we sort of enjoy each having our own accounts to irresponsibly spend as we wish without having to clear it with the other person. This is how she buys motorcycles and I buy anything that contributes to playing or listening to music. We are ridiculously happy with our decision-making.

Sometimes, though, couples need to communicate about finances. We feel this is best done on Twitter while sitting next to each other in the living room.

Take notes, kids. We’re relationship experts. [Editor’s note: I can’t even…]

ScreenHunter_11 Apr. 09 20.41ScreenHunter_12 Apr. 09 20.41ScreenHunter_13 Apr. 09 20.42ScreenHunter_14 Apr. 09 20.42

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