My Irrational Hatred of Snapchat

I irrationally hate two things: Snapchat and home ownership. To speak briefly on the latter: When I thought I was getting divorced, one of the ONLY benefits I could see was that I might never have to own another home in my life. I think it is the Great American Lie. The level this rant... Continue Reading →

Mixed. Part Two.

"Have you done anything weird lately?" The answer is always yes. I can't remember a one-week span of time in my life where the answer to that question is no. And if I'm in a mixed episode, then all bets are off.

Mixed. Part One.

So this is how a mixed episode works: I basically exhibit symptoms of mania and depression at the same time. I have made the very bad (and tactless) joke in the past that "it means I'm suicidal but I'm really enthusiastic about it." This is inaccurate overall, but it is a catchy way to explain it to people who don't understand.

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