Love Letter Monday: Jelly Beans

Dear Jelly Beans, Some call it Easter. I call it Jelly Bean Awareness Month. I have devoted an entire month to your goodness, JB. And here are all the reasons why. 1. You are a metaphor for the best of humankind. Each one of you is filled to the brim with sugary, gummi goodness (which... Continue Reading →

Love Letter Monday: Enthusiasm

Dear Enthusiasm, My goodness have I missed you!  What's it been?  A year and a half?  Two years?  Your disappearance caused great strife in my life.  It's nice to have you back. What I think people underestimate about you, Enthusiasm... Mind if I call you E?  No?  Good.  Anyway, what people underestimate is the way you... Continue Reading →

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