The Sharbys’ Greatest Hits

And now, I present to you some of the Sharbys' Greatest Hits (a.k.a. Here's What Happens When You Marry A Blogger)... Top Gun at 4 a.m. ~ February 4, 2010 The Sharbys had trouble sleeping last night.  Lots of trouble.  It got warm (30!) outside and our heat stayed on and there was overwhelming desire to... Continue Reading →

Chicago, Day 1: Gratefully Scarred

I thought coming into this workshop that perhaps I would have traveled the farthest to attend. Then I had lunch with a woman from Shanghai. Turns out, I wasn't. The diversity of participants alone makes this worth it. Day one was filled with exercises aimed at discovering how our worldview influences the stories we tell,... Continue Reading →

Love Letter Monday: Wilson Phillips

Dear Wilson Phillips, You have 51,508 Facebook fans.  Fifty-one thousand five hundred and EIGHT individual souls joined the largest networking site on earth and thought, "What musicians should I declare my favorite for all the world to see?" And they chose you.  Bold. The truth is, WP... can I call you WP?... The truth is,... Continue Reading →

Love Letter Monday: Ping Pong

Dear Ping Pong, You're like the old friend who has always been there for me, allowing me the joy of tennis without any of the physicality required to play tennis.  Let's go back through our history and revisit some of our stronger moments, shall we? Ah yes, there you were when I was 8 and... Continue Reading →

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