Love Letter Monday: Heating Pads

Dear Heating Pad, My wife is the warmest sleeper.  "How warm is she?" you ask. She's so warm that we spooned one time, and I fell asleep as the "little spoon" and immediately began having a nightmare that I was in a heating pad factory that was on fire.  I woke up violently, throwing her... Continue Reading →

Love Letter Monday: My Alien

Welcome to Love Letter Monday where each week I pick something in my life about which to write a meaningful, heartfelt missive. Today, it is my 2012 Kia Soul, affectionately nicknamed Alien. Dear Alien, I remember when we first thought we would have an Alien.  It was a cool May day in 2012, and we had... Continue Reading →

Bloggable Chess

My 2015 New Year's Resolutions are minimized due to some other major changes happening in my life that may require attention, focus, and goals that I cannot quite conceive of on this beautiful winter day. So I'm leaving myself open to interpretation and building a foundation around these three ideas designed not necessarily to improve... Continue Reading →

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