Announcing: Sharby Realty Services

funny-quotes-221Yesterday while we were walking, Carrie noticed that a house appeared to be repairing water damage to their roof.  “See,” she said, “It doesn’t matter the house, how old it is or how new it is, they all have a ton of problems.”  I said, “Wow.  That should be the motto of a realty service.”

So we came up with a list of other motivational information for potential home buyers.

  • Are you tired of being completely free of the responsibility of things breaking in your living space?  Stop renting – Buy a house now!
  • Doesn’t it suck to have tons of expendable income because your basement walls aren’t falling in?  Buy a house!
  • Have you been sitting around thinking, ‘I just do not give enough of my money to the government.’ Allow me to introduce you to PROPERTY TAXES!!
  • Isn’t it annoying to only have one person you have to call when something goes wrong?  It’s much more fun to play the roulette game of “Do I need a plumber or an electrician” and then pay one to tell you that you need the other!
  • Do you often feel like your neighbors just don’t spend enough time telling you how to use the space that you supposedly own?  Buy a house in a gated or association-oriented community now! The best part is that they’re inherently elitist and racist!
  • What?!? You’ve never had an extended argument with a neighbor about a fence that resulted in him threatening to sue you?!? That’s crazy talk!
  • It is such a hardship to decide you don’t want to live somewhere anymore and then just pack up and leave.  Imagine the joy of instead having an extended process involving soul sucking open houses and irritating potential buyers looking at your home that you had to paint perfectly beige and live in with about 1/3 of your stuff so that it looks “open”.
  • Isn’t it lonely to have apartment neighbors who ignore you?  Live in a community filled with retirees who observe your every move!
  • Did you know that if you own property and the city wants to put in some sort of cement filled structure called a “curb” or “sidewalk” that you are then responsible for it? This is just one of the secrets you will learn after you purchase your home!
  • Obviously, everything is totally worth it because you can paint the rooms of your home whatever color you’d like!  And then you can repaint when the roof leaks!!!  Call us today!

Sharby Realty Services should be up and running any time now.

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