Brokeback, a Sharby Viewing

I asked my class why those who hadn’t seen Brokeback Mountain didn’t watch it.  Some admitted it made them uncomfortable.  Some couldn’t get their husbands to go.  One brave soul said, “I don’t like Jake Gylenhaal, Heath Ledger, or westerns. So…”

We haven’t seen it in quite awhile.  But it’s a freezing cold evening and we are bored and when you’re cold and bored, no movie works better than this one.  Sharby viewing at its best.

  • Me: “Is there a place in the world you and I would be less likely to fall in love than on a mountain with a bunch of sheep?”
  • Dragon: “God that would be hard ass work….wait…hard fucking work?…shit…that doesn’t work either…”
  • Whenever I’m afraid I’m mumbling, I actually picture Heath Ledger in this movie and think, ‘Man, am I talking like Ennis?’
  • I have been meaning to start a whittling hobby.
  • Dragon: “You can’t start a whittling hobby due to our previous agreement about your use of sharp objects. And being prone to splinters.”
  • We should really try to make our own beef jerky more often.
  • Does it say something about me that the only thing I can imagine when I look at these two eat is how incredibly messed up my digestive system would be if I subsisted solely on beans, coffee, and moose?
  • “It was an elk,” Dragon corrects me. “Seriously.”
  • Is there a difference between elk and moose? *pauses to Google* In Sweden, they are the same. Take that, Scandinavian wife!
  • After whittling, I shall tackle the harmonica!
  • “Haha we r so drunnnk and it is cold out here” – @twistedjack
  • “Cuddeling don’t mean ur gay” – @ennisdelmarlikesbeans
  • “but this does” – @twistedjack
  • My goal this year is to practice lassoing at the cabin until I can lasso Dragon from 6 feet away. I like to say this as though we ever actively practice lassoing. Like, “after we went tubing, we took to the lasso.”  Sharby Goals 2012.
  • Nothing makes me more tired than children screaming.  Little known fact.
  • If, in high school, I had told people I was considering becoming a rodeo clown, I question if anyone would have actually blinked in wonder or disbelief.
  • A banjo, trombone, trumpet, and very poor drummer makes up what Dragon calls “a good damn band.”
  • For some reason, both Dragon and I always ALWAYS forget that Anne Hathaway is in this movie.  It is what constitutes an “odd surprise” when it comes to the general sense of the world.
  • “thnx for last nite. lets have a baby” @twisted jack
  • I should have redid my LWP to be postcards with five or fewer words on them. Dammit why does Ennis come up with all the good ideas?
  • You wouldn’t just make out right there in the stairwell. It just wouldn’t happen. But if it did, well, that might freak out the wife. Just a smidgen.
  • Jack Twist has beautiful eyelashes.
  • I will readily admit that I really like the music in this movie.
  • Dragon: “Don’t you people have phones? It’s 1975. I was a kid then. But I answered them all the time. It was a giant thing. But still. We still had ’em.”
  • Then the mustaches grew.
  • I do highly empathize with the men in this movie with regards to how much women talk about things they don’t understand.  It is hard to blog when they are speaking.
  • In the summer, I play for a county league softball team and don’t nobody slow dance in the small town bars. But maybe we should start this year…
  • I’m so used to wearing baseball caps that I sometimes play with the ghost bill of the hat I’m not wearing. It’s weird. And watching this movie with all these boys tipping their hats, I keep reaching up. It’s like I’m a hat amputee.
  • Then the sideburns came.
  • For about a year, Dragon and I said, “I wish I knew how to quit you,” at least three times a day. It is an iconic statement. I’m pretty sure it’s about to start up again.
  • “not enough explosions” @michaelbay

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