One Event. Two Perspectives.

There are always two truths to every situation.  My dog and I are having a disagreement as to how to best present this one.  You can vote later.  He says he gets to go first. My...Slider's...the dog's...take...the truth...treat?...:  I'm lying there.  I mean, I'm usually lying there, right under her feet and everything, but today,... Continue Reading →

The Day My Mom Betrayed Books

When you're Shirley's daughter, you love books. The message I heard most often growing up was that books held all the wonders of the world. The feel of a book in your hand was all you will ever need for happiness. Oh, and your brother hates reading so buck up and read for two. Books... Continue Reading →


The tale of a rip roaring evening out and about in Rochester. Friday night, we got Applebee's Carside-To-Go because we were in the mood for bad fries and had just gone to Dick's Sporting Goods and purchased a basketball so the future exercise would make up for the Carside-To-Go and none of this is the... Continue Reading →

Catching Dragon’s Phrase

Dragon is a very excitable game player.  Particularly catch phrase.  She is unafraid of yelling out things in a way that makes you feel like they MUST be the answer but, upon reflection, realize that it's simply the funniest combination of words ever said in succession.  Ladies and gentleman, from my previous blog, I present... Continue Reading →

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